About Us

CollaboSky a hybrid social enterprise that applies commercial strategies to bring about improvements in human and environmental well-being, brings together entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and individuals to collaborate for economic and social benefits, helping them make profits and social impact. Emphasizing the advantages of collaboration for mutual benefit.

Out there many are jobless while others are not satisfied with what they do but clueless on how to change the situation. Many are looking for better jobs, some say you need a great idea and others say capital is needed to succeed but if you don't have any of these what will you do?

It’s been challenging for young entrepreneurs and small enterprises raising startup funds, the possibility of entrepreneurs meeting with prospective investors is very slim. Lots of people would also want to make additional income to change their current financial situation or survive the hardship due to recession but don't know how.

To simplify the whole process of raising capital for business starters, those seeking expansion funds, people who need additional income and those who want to fulfill their dreams or fantasies CollaboSky was created; it teaches very simple and realistic money making techniques to raise funds for business and personal needs emphasizing and encouraging people to work collaboratively to obtain greater resources, recognition and reward to stand competition for finite resources.

It gives entrepreneurs access to different funding options by creating a fast and friendly platform for entrepreneurs and investors to interact, establish potential leads and make wise investment decisions. It makes it easy for those who do not qualify for or lack the prerequisite for bank loans or seeking easier funding options without the burden of interest/collateral from financial institutions.

Help create employment opportunities for those seeking jobs in a formal or informal working environment either as full time paid employee or as a contributor to a business or cause inform of human capital (labour input).

In CollaboSky there are many possibilities; for job seekers, entrepreneurs seeking resources in terms of funds, labour, expert assistance and ready market and for investors seeking business and investment opportunities or individuals who want to fulfill their dreams or fantasies.

Welcome to the CollaboSky dream.


 Helping people discover themselves their abilities, potentials and how it can be used for personal benefits and that of others.

 Helping individuals find their career path, maximizing improvement in their well-being and making social impact.

 To help entrepreneurs (visionaries) and emerging small businesses to realize their dreams of growing successful businesses.

 Teaching individuals the art of money making and provide them an opportunity to earn in support of their well-being and happiness.

 Teaching & implementing various commercial strategies, empowering people to achieve economic independence by exposing them to superior earning opportunities as well as recognition, service and support, making it easy and rewarding to be affiliated with CollaboSky.

 To share with others the rewards of collaboration, growth and success.

 To meet the obligations of corporate citizenship by contributing to the well-being of society and the environment in which it functions.

 To maintain and cherish the friendly spirit of Unity.

 To become the most admired organisation: by pursuing innovations while maintaining a commitment to be a responsible, ethical and a global corporate citizen that is held as a model of success.

 To become the largest organisation dedicated to human development: Be a committed global champion for the health and well-being of people through philanthropic efforts, with a focus on pregnant women in Africa, children, people with chronic health challenges and financial empowerment.


CollaboSky is committed to the mission to "do well by doing good," managing its business enterprise to the highest standards while leveraging its unique capacity to mobilize and engage people to be agents of change in their lives, communities and the world.

The "five pillars" of CollaboSky corporate mission and the focus of the organisation's corporate responsibility efforts and achievements: financial empowerment, collaboration, philanthropy and commitment to innovation and diversity.

We have a passion for business development and entrepreneurship.