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The Programs

The details of CollaboSky program cannot fully be described in a short summary because there are many other programs which are subset of the main programs, below is a brief analysis to help you have basic understanding of what CollaboSky stands for.

The core of CollaboSky financial empowerment program is the teaching and implementation of business and investment strategy of the rich to become rich and also the implementation of novel ideas that are not common or totally new to mankind.


§  Training

The training program is a step by step guide to achieving economic stability and financial success. Knowledge and implementation of what you know is what differentiates the rich from the poor, having knowledge alone can't make you rich until you put into practice what you have learnt or discovered. The training is about learning the strategies to make money and also implementing these strategies either individually or as a group.

The foundation training program is for all members to understand basic concepts of entrepreneurship, self-discovery and money making techniques to generate funds for business, investments or personal needs therefore necessary while other phases of the training program will concentrate on business development, building structures and systems for long lasting enterprises and investments. These trainings will be delivered through PDF materials, video & audio tutorials, online webinars, seminars and workshops.


§  Classification

Members may be required to join a group or different groups based on several criteria for different purposes.


§  Implementation

This is individually or collaboratively as a group putting into practice what has been learned by the execution of business and investment models taught, from simple implementation of investment strategies to starting new enterprises and creating investment platforms.




§  Business & Job Connections

Entrepreneurs and Individuals: Seeking funding from investor(s) for a personal project can post their request on the "Investment Section" of the website their pitch can be supported with pictures, video or any presentation tool.

Investors: Seeking business opportunities can create a profile on Investment Section and indicate their interest, can specify area of interest and if possible give range of amount of money willingly to invest.

Professionals: Offering service can create a profile under Professional  of the "Investment Section" with full job description.

Individuals: Seeking employment can create a profile on "Career Section" indicating area of interest.


§  Consumer Club: Affiliate Buying Group

Members who are interested in joining others to pool resources to get commodities cheap from farmers, importers (or import), manufacturers and other suppliers cutting off middlemen (distributors, wholesalers and retailers) to get commodities at more affordable prices saving between 20 to 50% on most items can join the Consumer Club


§  Powerful Fundraising

Funds shall be raised through the sale of unique products by CollaboSky (interested) members with 100 percent of net proceeds donated to the CollaboSky Foundation, 10% percentage of all profits made by members through the business collaboration platform as well as through events such as the CollaboSky Walk for Pregnant Women Mortality, The Stand Against Poverty and other special programs and events. These events shall attract thousands of participants each year, and funds raised shall be announced and grants awarded at the close of each event.

The core priority of the organisation is the empowerment of the Less Privilege offering economic opportunity to the poor. The organisation may be considered as a major micro lender with 10% of all profits made through the business collaboration, part of the organisation's earnings and 100% of earning on special products assigned to promote the organisation's philanthropic programs to give financial aid to small businesses, projects and relief. CollaboSky earning opportunity shall be a pathway to financial independence, self-reliance and the realization of dreams for many people.

I-Fund Loan: It's a credit facility designed as a co-operative scheme to assist members with important or urgent financial need. It's a nonprofit arm; fund contributed by members from their earnings in a pool to assist those with urgent financial needs. Interest can be as low as 1% monthly as a measure against inflation. Loan can be processed within 1-48 hours depending on many factors.


§  Philanthropy & Social Responsibility

Philanthropy is core to CollaboSky mission and an important part of the organisation's "DNA," brought to life by the unique ability to educate and mobilize people worldwide for issues that are of vital importance to women, children and less privilege. The power of the individual and the collective power of CollaboSky network create an incredible philanthropic force.


This unique partnership of corporate philanthropy and a public charity is focused on the core mission areas of women, children and less privilege and data shows that mortality rate of pregnant women, children and poverty rate in Africa is very high. CollaboSky and the CollaboSky Foundation work to eradicate pregnant women mortality and reduce employment by raising funds and awareness through two signature global programs: the Pregnant Women Crusade and Financial Empowerment Program.